How to Set Annual Fund Donor Goals

If you work in fundraising, you’re constantly challenged to increase donor participation. If you want to understand mathematically how to do that, keep reading.

Membership + Donors = A Thriving Nonprofit

If you work a nonprofit, you know how many different people come through your door. You see visitors, members, and event guests. And, for most nonprofits, information about these...

Increase Engagement: Meet Your Alumni on Social Media

I’m at the age where I attend a lot of weddings. It seems that every weekend someone from some connection is getting married. I’ve RSVPed to so many I’ve lost count.  

Math 101: Apply Analytics to Your Donor Strategy

We know we compete for our donors’ attention span. And every day, they receive more messages from friends, family, brands, and organizations via television, email, text, social media, etc.


4 Ways Fundraisers Can Be Successful Using Data Analysis

I've seen all manner of change in technology as it relates to fundraising. From the advent of email solicitations to the use of social media to connect around a cause, fundraising...

Data Translation: How to Tell the Right Story with Data

One of my personal pet peeves are "FYI" emails. Those emails forwarded to you with those three dreaded letters at the top and an abundance of text that follows…so I scroll. And keep...

Why Social Listening is Essential in Fundraising

Prioritizing a donor database is critical to any successful fundraising campaign. And yet, the data provided to fundraisers is often lacking. While fundraisers typically know if their donor...

Digital Body Language and the Rise of the Digital Gift Officer

Any poker player will tell you that everyone has a tell. Sleight of hand, a change in voice, something that lets other know the person’s real intentions. Are they bluffing…or not?

Donor and Registration Page Abandonment: How to Win Alumni Back

Lisa Eickoff (not her real name) is browsing your university website. Lisa is an alumna from the Class of 1968 and we know from previous research she has a giving capacity of $1.2 Million....