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The Road to EPM Success: 5 Key Practices

Over the past two decades, I have learned a lot of lessons around what works and what doesn’t when it comes to implementing an Enterprise & Corporate Performance Management (EPM/CPM)...

On-Premise vs. On Cloud: Weighing the Pros & Cons

Technology is changing fast. What seemed to be an episode of a science fiction just a few years back now is common practice and finds its way into our daily lives.

Last year, I was at KSCOPE

3 Compelling Reasons to Purchase OneStream

I'm going to take a wild guess: your organization has probably experienced change in the last year.

With reorgs, M&As, new products and resource transitions, change is constant. As...

Documentation: How to Save Your Organization Time & Money

I met an industry colleague for coffee a few weeks ago. He was in a tough situation and was looking for guidance.

He’s a VP of Finance and like most senior leaders, hasn’t been in the weeds...

5 Emotions You Need to Manage During a Systems Change 

As a consultant, I’ve been part of numerous implementations and supported clients from discovery to project implementation to close out to support. And despite working with several...

Is Your Data Center Protected & Compliant...Legally?

With the ever-evolving HIPAA standards, the variation between SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance is a hot topic as companies, business associates, and third-party vendors seek to abide by the new...

What is Enterprise Performance Management all about?

There is a common tendency for any conversation around Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to become a software selection debate. 

Retention Attention: How to Protect Your Perfect Hire and Talent Investment

Imagine your team gets the green-light to hire that business-critical headcount. You craft the ideal job description in hopes of finding that “perfect hire.” You take your time to assemble...

If You Aren't Investing in Technology, How Is That Going to Impact Your Business?

Financial professionals think of business investments in a relatively straight forward fashion: When will I get a return on this investment? Is the investment worth it? Do I have the budget?