Data Analysis

How to Organize and Measure Major Gift Performance

Major gift officers are handed prospect leads by managers – some warm, some cold, and some who have no indicator whatsoever. The goal is to raise as much as possible from as many people as...

Archetype's Top Blog Posts of 2018

Archetype launched its blog in February of 2018 and to date, we've published 62 articles. Not too shabby for our first year.  

Power Your Performance Reviews: Utilizing Tableau

Performance review season. It seems that everyone dreads the process, and it’s a necessary evil for most organizations.

There Is Another Way: Helping Your Clients Uncover Hidden Solutions

As consultants, we’re often put in a position where we need to find the unturned stone that uncovers a new (and often preferred) solution which meets the client’s timeline, is cost...

What is a Diet Company’s Rebrand Telling Us About Healthcare?

Last week, Weight Watchers announced a major rebranding and redefined company purpose. Although their intent behind the change is currently being debated on social media, the move marks a...

Can AI & Machine Learning Ever Replace Human Judgment?

You've seen the video by now. Yes, the one of Serena Williams arguing with chair umpire at the U.S. Open Finals.

If you know tennis at all, you know she’s a great player. She’s done a ton...

Rescue and Recover: How Data Analytics Was Used in the Air France AF447 & Malaysia Airlines MH370 Disasters

We've all seen the news when an airplane crashes. Sometimes there are survivors, and sadly, more often than not, they’re aren’t.

2016 Presidential Election: How 1 Pollster Trumped Competition

"Data is dead."

That's the meme I saw all over social media and the Internet after Donald Trump "defied the polls" and defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. election.

And it’s true that...

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: Why the Past Matters

It's 2004 and I’m just starting out in my data science career. I’m assigned to work with a drug store chain that’s about on every corner in New York City. They want our team to conduct a...