Data Analysis

Grapes & Data

When talking about getting valuable insights from your data where we need to start is with a glass of great wine.   I know you might be thinking; what does wine have to do with valuable...

7 Reasons to Choose dbt for Your Analytics Stack.

What is dbt?

CreditXpert's Journey to a Modern Cloud Data Solution

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data explorer - A Case Study with Tyton partners


March Madness: The Data Behind the Chalk

There’s an old joke among hikers: If a bear attacks your group, you don’t need to outrun the bear, you just need to outrun your slowest friend. However morbid, the lesson is a valuable one...

Farming for Data

How is it possible that the government shutdown, data and farmers are related? 

We all know data is everywhere today. We know that the United States government has been partially shutdown...

The 3 "I's" of Digital Transformation

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data. With information from credit card swipes, voice-search, social media posts, and password-protected logins online, data...

How to Organize and Measure Major Gift Performance

Major gift officers are handed prospect leads by managers – some warm, some cold, and some who have no indicator whatsoever. The goal is to raise as much as possible from as many people as...

Archetype's Top Blog Posts of 2018

Archetype launched its blog in February of 2018 and to date, we've published 62 articles. Not too shabby for our first year.