Data Analysis

Promoting with Purpose: Digging Deeper Than Revenue

We do a lot of work helping retailers measure the real effectiveness of their promotions. I’m sure you’ve passed by storefronts and seen those 50% off sale signs proudly displayed or the...

MDM: Fundamental to a Big Data Bonanza

Master Data Management. Big Data.

Today’s senior managers, business intelligence analysts, and IT teams talk about these “disruptive” disciplines again and again. We know they’re potential...

3 Initial Steps Towards Becoming A Data-First Organization

If you haven't updated data analytics strategy in the past 18-24 months, it’s probably obsolete. How can you keep it fresh?

Successful business analytics begins with an understanding of...

Democratize Your Data: Grow Your Business & Empower Your Team

Data democratization use to be a phrase that spurred nightmares for IT managers everywhere. For several decades, an organization’s IT department were the data gatekeepers with deep concerns...

Don't Bring an Opinion to a Data Fight: How to Stop Misinformation

As a millennial, I’ve grown up in a constantly “online” world. If I want information, I can access it. If I have a question, I can type a search query and get an answer.

5 Obstacles to Driving ROI From Business Analytics

C-level executives and managers can all agree with the notion that business intelligence is critical to strategic, data-first decision-making. It seems obvious: smarter is better.

Is Your Business Intelligence Strategy Past Its "Sell-By" Date?

The adult mayfly usually spends 48 hours, max, on earth before it dies. That milk in your fridge will start to curdle within a week or two of the day you bought it. Those Valentine’s Day...

Digital Body Language and the Rise of the Digital Gift Officer

Any poker player will tell you that everyone has a tell. Sleight of hand, a change in voice, something that lets other know the person’s real intentions. Are they bluffing…or not?

Data Analytics and Medicaid Fraud: The Need for Standardization

Data analytics offers a proven and unparalleled opportunity to stop fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA), in state-run Medicaid programs. However, the lack of standards and federal leadership has...