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Grapes & Data

When talking about getting valuable insights from your data where we need to start is with a glass of great wine.   I know you might be thinking; what does wine have to do with valuable...

7 Reasons to Choose dbt for Your Analytics Stack.

What is dbt?

CreditXpert's Journey to a Modern Cloud Data Solution

Quick Synopsis

Snowflake's IPO - changing cloud computing... forever

Analytics as a true competitive advantage remains more myth than reality. Don’t get me wrong. I am totally convinced that some companies have redefined their business and turned their...

data explorer - A Case Study with Tyton partners


PBCS vs. EPBCS: 3 Factors to Consider

Ask anyone: it’s difficult to track all the latest technology updates. With new releases of PBCS (Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) and EPBCS (Oracle Enterprise Planning and...

Kicking-Off an Implementation: What Questions Do You Need to Ask?

There is an element of planning that goes into everything I do. Let’s look at an easy example: travel.

My wife and I can’t show up to the airport and just wing it (pun intended). We need to...

3 Ways to Be More Proactive

As a consultant, I work with organizations across the country. I was working with a manufacturing company recently, who we will call ABC, that acquired a competitor (including its people,...

Is It Possible To Do More with Less? With the Right Systems, You Can

Have you heard this before?

“As much as I’d like to add another person to your team, we just don't have the money in the budget. See if you can spread the work across the existing team.”