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Is It Possible To Do More with Less? With the Right Systems, You Can

Have you heard this before?

“As much as I’d like to add another person to your team, we just don't have the money in the budget. See if you can spread the work across the existing team.”

Enhancing Our Services: Archetype Acquires TopDown Consulting

Archetype is excited to announce the acquisition of TopDown Consulting, a San Francisco-based enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions provider. TopDown Consulting is a strong firm...

What You Want vs. What You Need: Does Your Company Know the Difference?

I have a niece and a nephew and like most kids, they have grown up watching Disney films. Recently, my niece decided that The Princess and the Frog was going to be the film playing on...

Documentation: How to Save Your Organization Time & Money

I met an industry colleague for coffee a few weeks ago. He was in a tough situation and was looking for guidance.

He’s a VP of Finance and like most senior leaders, hasn’t been in the weeds...

3 Initial Steps Towards Becoming A Data-First Organization

If you haven't updated data analytics strategy in the past 18-24 months, it’s probably obsolete. How can you keep it fresh?

Successful business analytics begins with an understanding of...

Driving Towards Success: How to Create a Culture of Training

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to drive a car. I begged my mom to let me steer our wood-paneled station wagon down Brewster Road. Not surprisingly, she only let me honk the horn.

As I...

5 Obstacles to Driving ROI From Business Analytics

C-level executives and managers can all agree with the notion that business intelligence is critical to strategic, data-first decision-making. It seems obvious: smarter is better.

Is Your Business Intelligence Strategy Past Its "Sell-By" Date?

The adult mayfly usually spends 48 hours, max, on earth before it dies. That milk in your fridge will start to curdle within a week or two of the day you bought it. Those Valentine’s Day...

What is Enterprise Performance Management all about?

There is a common tendency for any conversation around Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to become a software selection debate.