Archetype's Top Blog Posts of 2018

Archetype launched its blog in February of 2018 and to date, we've published 62 articles. Not too shabby for our first year.  

As a new tradition, we are showcasing our best content of the year with you. Instead of doing a "traditional" Top 10 list, we selected the top two blog posts for five of our service areas. As you may or may not know, Archetype offers robust solutions to help organizations see the horizon - and get there. Whether it’s re-engineering processes, finding the best off-the-shelf application, or developing an innovative solution, we focus on what’s best for our clients. Our team has a variety of industry expertise and we hope by reading these blogs, you will understand all we can do to support you. 

The views speak for themselves: these topics resonated with our clients, editors, partners, and even competitors who recognize the hard work our team put in to share our knowledge with you. We hope you enjoy this roundup. 

What Healthcare Can Expect from Amazon
Amazon didn’t buy a grocery store, it purchased something much more disruptive. And it plans on being just as disruptive to the healthcare industry. Here's what you need to know about Amazon's plan to expand - and how to defend against it. 
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Breaking Healthcare
The current healthcare system is not designed to provide value-based care to the patient. Learn how by imaging a new system - and breaking the current one - we can make better treatment decisions by empowering the patient and sharing data across provider networks. 
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Snowflake: The New Cloud-Based Data Warehousing Paradigm 
How can businesses completely overhaul their data warehouse systems without adding additional costs or administrators? By investing in a tool that is built for the Cloud, has built-in optimization and allows you to work in a development environment. This is why Archetype partners with Snowflake. 
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Don't Bring an Opinion To a Data Fight: How To Stop Misinformation
Fake news has become a very real problem and avoid false information is a significant and critical challenge. How can businesses and individuals find valuable, accurate information? Learn how to create a data culture and rely on data analytics tools. 
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Donor and Registration Page Abandonment: How To Win Alumni Back
Do you follow-up with donors when they abandon your website's giving page? Learn how registration page abandonment can increase capital for your institution. 
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4 Ways Fundraisers Can Be Successful Using Data Analysis
Setting a fundraising strategy using data analytics is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. The investment you make in data and analytics will pay off in terms of targeted communication to the right constituents, which will help them engage in your cause and inspire them to give. 
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Retention Attention: How to Protect Your Perfect Hire and Talent Investment 
What does it take to keep employees happy? If you are worried about employee retention, learn why you should review the internal systems your company uses. 
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3 Compelling Reasons To Purchase OneStream
Archetype partners with organizations whose products and solutions allow others to perform value-added work. OneStream Software fits that bill. Learn how their financial software can help organizations discover new insights, analyze trends, anticipate results, and of course, grow. 
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Reconciling Data – What is the Best Approach?
Most organizations severely underestimate what it takes to reconcile data. They often don’t consider how much historical data is needed and other items that need to be accounted for. The best way to make sure data reconciliation is smooth and mostly uneventful is to take a planned and considered approach.
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FDM/FDMEE Mapping – General Principles
Let’s discuss the basic fundamental purpose of FDMEE. That is to say mappings. FDMEE has come a long way since its origins, and is at this stage is an ETL-like tool (Extract Transform Load). Mapping is the “T”, Transform, part of this acronym. This is where source system, typically General Ledgers, metadata members are transformed to a destination EPM application dimension member. Think of these as accounts, entities, cost centers, product members, and so on.
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