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Can AI & Machine Learning Ever Replace Human Judgment?

You've seen the video by now. Yes, the one of Serena Williams arguing with chair umpire at the U.S. Open Finals.

If you know tennis at all, you know she’s a great player. She’s done a ton...

Membership + Donors = A Thriving Nonprofit

If you work a nonprofit, you know how many different people come through your door. You see visitors, members, and event guests. And, for most nonprofits, information about these...

Stop the Consolidation Close Chaos: Gain Confidence & Efficiencies With Your Monthly Close

Be honest: How long does it take to close your books? 5 days? 2 weeks? Longer?

Remember, like any good program, the first is admitting you have a problem.

Building Your Fantasy Football Team With OneStream

Football season is right around the corner. You can smell the pizza and wings from here. And with pigskin on the horizon, it seems like everyone is building fantasy football teams in hopes...

What You Want vs. What You Need: Does Your Company Know the Difference?

I have a niece and a nephew and like most kids, they have grown up watching Disney films. Recently, my niece decided that The Princess and the Frog was going to be the film playing on...

Rescue and Recover: How Data Analytics Was Used in the Air France AF447 & Malaysia Airlines MH370 Disasters

We've all seen the news when an airplane crashes. Sometimes there are survivors, and sadly, more often than not, they’re aren’t.

2016 Presidential Election: How 1 Pollster Trumped Competition

"Data is dead."

That's the meme I saw all over social media and the Internet after Donald Trump "defied the polls" and defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. election.

And it’s true that...

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: Why the Past Matters

It's 2004 and I’m just starting out in my data science career. I’m assigned to work with a drug store chain that’s about on every corner in New York City. They want our team to conduct a...

Two Ways MDM and Big Data Work Together

MDM is fundamental to a Big Data analytics solution and a data-first culture. When it’s baked in at the start of a Big Data initiative, it helps ensure that the data you’re analyzing is...