Author: Stephanie St. Martin

Archetype's Top Blog Posts of 2018

Archetype launched its blog in February of 2018 and to date, we've published 62 articles. Not too shabby for our first year.  

What You Want vs. What You Need: Does Your Company Know the Difference?

I have a niece and a nephew and like most kids, they have grown up watching Disney films. Recently, my niece decided that The Princess and the Frog was going to be the film playing on...

Increase Engagement: Meet Your Alumni on Social Media

I’m at the age where I attend a lot of weddings. It seems that every weekend someone from some connection is getting married. I’ve RSVPed to so many I’ve lost count.  

Data Translation: How to Tell the Right Story with Data

One of my personal pet peeves are "FYI" emails. Those emails forwarded to you with those three dreaded letters at the top and an abundance of text that follows…so I scroll. And keep...

Why Social Listening is Essential in Fundraising

Prioritizing a donor database is critical to any successful fundraising campaign. And yet, the data provided to fundraisers is often lacking. While fundraisers typically know if their donor...

Digital Body Language and the Rise of the Digital Gift Officer

Any poker player will tell you that everyone has a tell. Sleight of hand, a change in voice, something that lets other know the person’s real intentions. Are they bluffing…or not?