Author: Mark Cardarelli

CreditXpert's Journey to a Modern Cloud Data Solution

Quick Synopsis

Kicking-Off an Implementation: What Questions Do You Need to Ask?

There is an element of planning that goes into everything I do. Let’s look at an easy example: travel.

My wife and I can’t show up to the airport and just wing it (pun intended). We need to...

Driving Towards Success: How to Create a Culture of Training

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to drive a car. I begged my mom to let me steer our wood-paneled station wagon down Brewster Road. Not surprisingly, she only let me honk the horn.

As I...

Technology Resistance: How to Drive Change and Adoption

You spent the money. You bought the technology. And no one adopted it.

I’m recently worked with a client who experienced this problem. Less than 5 years ago, the organization invested in...