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Grapes & Data

When talking about getting valuable insights from your data where we need to start is with a glass of great wine.   I know you might be thinking; what does wine have to do with valuable...

7 Reasons to Choose dbt for Your Analytics Stack.

What is dbt?

CreditXpert's Journey to a Modern Cloud Data Solution

Quick Synopsis

Snowflake's IPO - changing cloud computing... forever

Analytics as a true competitive advantage remains more myth than reality. Don’t get me wrong. I am totally convinced that some companies have redefined their business and turned their...

Top 10 Reasons Why you should consider Snowflake for data warehousing

Why is Snowflake a Favorite in Cloud Data Warehousing? 

data explorer - A Case Study with Tyton partners


3 Keys to a Successful Design Session

I met up with a long-time client, Dave, recently at an industry conference who was telling me about a kitchen renovation his family did. His wife led the charge and was (in his words)...

There's an App for That: Help Your Finance Team Consolidate Their Internal Systems

How many hours would your team save if you had all your financial data in one system?

Getting Started with Calculations in PBCS

Should we move our Hyperion Planning environment to PBCS (Planning Budgeting Cloud Service)? We are moving to PBCS – what is going to change?  We know we are moving to PBCS eventually –...