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Further modernization of rapid7's analytics ecosystem

Rapid7 is a leading SAAS provider of security and vulnerability management solutions. Cross functional enterprise analytics is a key driver for defining product strategy and customer...

Grapes & Data

When talking about getting valuable insights from your data where we need to start is with a glass of great wine.   I know you might be thinking; what does wine have to do with valuable...

7 Reasons to Choose dbt for Your Analytics Stack.

What is dbt?

CreditXpert's Journey to a Modern Cloud Data Solution

Quick Synopsis

Snowflake's IPO - changing cloud computing... forever

Analytics as a true competitive advantage remains more myth than reality. Don’t get me wrong. I am totally convinced that some companies have redefined their business and turned their...

Top 10 Reasons Why you should consider Snowflake for data warehousing

Why is Snowflake a Favorite in Cloud Data Warehousing? 

data explorer - A Case Study with Tyton partners


3 Keys to a Successful Design Session

I met up with a long-time client, Dave, recently at an industry conference who was telling me about a kitchen renovation his family did. His wife led the charge and was (in his words)...

There's an App for That: Help Your Finance Team Consolidate Their Internal Systems

How many hours would your team save if you had all your financial data in one system?